What we do


Effective marketing starts with a strategic plan. Define your marketing goals, and we will work with you to devise a programme and deliver it within budget.

Knowing where your market lies is the first step.  Only then can your start to devise a campaign that will deliver your message in a way that is acceptable.  To do this, we will review with you your target markets, your actions so far, the resources you already have and the dynamics of your sector. This will lead to a detailed plan, telling you how we will deliver all the components using our skill, professionalism and resources.

The message is crucial.  It must resonate with the target market, yet be in keeping with your marketing goals. The campaign should have all the elements working together, which is why using us to deliver all components means that your message and image is in harmony wherever it is presented.

Review the following pages on our website to see how we approach the elements in the Marketing Mix, and to see examples of our work.  And then ask us to come in to talk to you – there is no charge.


Logo Design
Corporate Guidelines
Brand Consultancy

Making a message clear, getting it read, and having an impact has more to do with the appearance of the message, than the words used.

Graphic design is a skill, an art and a passion, it is a lot more than knowing how to use a design package on a computer.

Our team of designers have been selected for creativity and a range of specialisms so that we can always use the best person for the job. They work on the Mac platform and are familiar with the latest industry standard design software.

Using this design resource, we can give you a fresh corporate identity, extend it through all your printed and visual items, including signs, van livery and websites – and do it as a part of a plan.

Some of the methods and softwares we use…

Good old pen and pencil, ideas generation process, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign mostly), Adobe Acrobat Pro


Dedicated Email Marketing
Custom CMS
Social Media

A web site works for a business in several ways; it can sell directly (e-commerce), or encourage customers to enquire.

Very often it is used to “check out” a firm before any other steps are taken, so it is important that it says the things about your company that you want it to say. That is more than the words used, it must project the values and status of the company, and much more.

We make web sites that work in all these ways. Our approach starts with design to ensure that all the desired elements are addressed. It has to fit with the rest of the image a customer is seeking to make with their marketing programme. It has to deliver against the defined brief, and not be over complicated with clever technical tricks, which may look good, but distract and confuse the message.

We can produce simple one-page sites through to fully functional e-commerce sites. We will maintain it and host it – so if it is not working – there is no confusion about who needs to put it right.


Business Cards
Leaflets & Flyers
Large Format Banners
Roller Banners

We don’t print anything – but we supply lots of printed items.

Printing has changed enormously in the last few years, and it continues to develop.

Our approach is to work with a selected group of printers, each with different equipment and areas of expertise. We use digital, litho, web, screen and all offset techniques, selecting the method which will give the best result and at the lowest cost. By concentrating our purchasing in this way, we can always find the best printer for your job, yet with our purchasing power, get you really attractive prices.

We like to arrange to print the things we design – so we make sure that they look as good as they possibly can.

& Events

Event Management
Stand Design
Large Format Printing
Roller Banners
Stand Graphics

If you are planning any sort of event, or taking part in an exhibition, we can help.

We can plan and design your stand, supplying graphic panels, we can design your leaflets and flyers, provide branded
give-aways. We can write the catalogue entry and press releases. We will take care of everything – even producing badges for the stand staff.

If you want portable display equipment – we can get it – with your message added.

Or, go the whole hog. We organise dinners, conferences and exhibitions. Every job is different, ask us about yours.